Cockatoo Does Head Bangs To Owner Singing Elvis Song


Cockatoos are generally talented birds. These beautiful, majestic birds catch things quickly and take no time in repeating your words. They are even known for singing! However, do you know of any cockatoo that dances, too? The one in the video below does!

As the owner of the bird starts playing “Don’t Be Cruel” by Elvis Presley on the guitar and starts singing, the bird begins bobbing his head right to the beat! Not long after, he starts spreading his feathers and moving his legs and dancing to the music he is completely feeling to the core!

However, his parrot friend right beside him seems not only to be uninterested but also utterly scared by this new side of him! At one point, he even holds his claw up, as though to say, “Stay away from me!” The duo looks hilarious. The cockatoo I dancing to Elvis as though the song is his “jam” and the parrot is giving the expression of that friend who is embarrassed by his behaviour in public!

Watch the amusing video to cheer up!