Cockatoo Rants At Owner For Not Doing His Dishes


Cockatoos are beautiful birds. They can be a unique source of entertainment, since they copy specific things you say, and sing, and even dance sometimes. However, they are scary whenever they are angry. Since they are so good at expressing things verbally, they express their frustration and anger in a significant way too. The cockatoo shown in the video below is one of those.

The clip displays a furious cockatoo shouting at his owner as though he could kill him right away! He caws and rattles to his owner, evidently for not doing the dishes! He dashes towards the sink, and then back towards his owner and again towards the sink while throwing the temper tantrum. At one point, he even pokes his owner’s knee with his beak!

Well, he seems to be a pretty clean cockatoo who likes having his surroundings clean and safe. The opposite behaviour of his owner would definitely make him angry.

Nevertheless, it is hilarious to watch the bird getting furious like that. Watch it in the video below: