Parrot Finds A Paper Towel Laying On The Floor


We all have had to find ways to amuse ourselves with very limited options. Perhaps you’ve played football with a folded-up piece of paper. There’s always the go-to of shooting a wadded-up piece of paper into the garbage can while pretending to be in the critical part of a game. The key word here is paper. Paper can keep us nearly infinitely occupied until its time to go home or wherever.

This video shows a parrot that has found a paper towel on the floor. Rather than treating it like the trash that it is, he decides to have fun. He grabs it. He wraps it around himself. He bops around on top of it. This is a happy parrot. Beautiful plumage. You can almost hear him thinking “This is fun. This is fun. This is fun” as he hops along the floor. Then he walks away from it at the end and poses as if to say, “Yeah!”

What makes it so fun to watch is that while the internet is littered with cat and dog videos, ones with birds are not as plentiful. This one was well worth watching. I was having kind of a blah day, but seeing this bird’s energy perked me up. Not saying I hopped around like him, but I did have a little a little more spring to my step.

People tend to just think of parrots as being birds who sit in their cage and repeat everything thing you say. This one shows a different side to them – creative, playful and resourceful.

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