Parrot flirts with her boyfriend


Parrots are easily among the most beautiful and colorful types of birds in the world and many species rank among the smartest as well. They can also be very talkative and learn all sorts of different words and sounds by mimicking whatever it is they hear all around them. Whether it’s people speaking, television or radio programs, noises that other animals make, or more, parrots will copy whatever it is they pick up on and hear repeatedly.

Beyond their good looks, clever abilities, and charming demeanor lies another side of parrots that is often overlooked. They are usually full of attitude and personality, and many of them are even quite loving as well!

The adorable pair of loved up birds in this short clip demonstrate this point perfectly. The beautiful lime green colored parrot with the distinctive black line circling around her neck is named JoJo. She is a parrot subspecies known as an Indian Ringneck parrot, but she may as well be called a lovebird! She can be heard laying on the sweetness as she cozies up to her best bird friend in the world and lover, Buddy the Quaker parrot. Buddy’s feathers are almost the same color green as JoJo’s, but they’re just a tad bit lighter, and his chest area is covered in snowy white plumage.

JoJo clearly has a thing for Buddy and makes her feelings known in more ways than one. She seems to want to be as close as she possibly can to him and treats him very well, displaying lots of tenderness and affection. She also showers Buddy with loving little kisses and whispers sweet nothings in his ear! In the accompanying video, which was originally uploaded on YouTube by birdsiviewnc, JoJo can be heard saying things like “Whatcha doin’? Oh! Pretty! Gimme kiss?” Then she places her beak softly against her lover’s neck and makes a ‘peck, peck, peck…’ sound, it’s just like she’s smooching him!

Buddy’s response is to shake and quake, and while in human terms that makes it sound like he’s scared of JoJo, in the parrot world it carries the opposite meaning. The quakes happen to be a common, natural type of behavior which is often displayed by Quaker parrots when they become excited or happy, hence their name. Buddy is getting all aflutter from the attention JoJo is paying him and so it’s safe to say that he is absolutely loving it!

It’s always wonderful to see such displays of mutual love and affection in the animal kingdom. Parrots are always so fun to observe and full of surprises! In the end, it’s safe to say these two little green parrots are a match made in bird heaven.