Penguin chicks scream as giant bird attacks


Watching cute penguins waddling through the snow has to be the cutest thing ever. These adorable chubby creatures are one of nature’s sweetest creations. But, no matter how fun their lives might be, they still face dangers of being attacked by predators.

BBC’s documentaries that depict the life of many different animals in their natural habitat never cease to amaze us. In this particular series named “Spy in the Snow” we are given a unique chance to get a closer look at the encounter of a rookery of fluffy penguin chicks and a giant petrel who sees them as a chance to get his tummy full.

The poor penguins are trembling and try to escape, but as running isn’t their strong suit, they are tottering and occasionally slip and fall. This is exactly what the predator is waiting for. It’s amazing how they form a defensive circle and try to avoid being captured.

And just as it gets more intense, someone comes to their rescue.

Will this hero be able to scare the fierce petrel who is way too hungry to step down? You have to take a look at this encounter for yourself.