The man saw baby robins falling from a tree


Our fine feathered friends in the sky don’t do so well when they’re on the ground… particularly when there are babies involved. Trees provide birds with a lot of protection from predators and a in the nest is where baby birds should be, but sometimes nature is not on their side…

After a torrential storm, the man in this video when outside to check on his house. As he was walking around, he discovered a family of baby robins in despair. Apparently the storm had knocked their nest down and the babies were defenseless. The poor robins were looking for their mom and they looked very scared…

Mom finally found her way home and saw that her hungry children were on the ground crying.

The man didn’t know what to do. He wanted to help the birds maybe put the nest back in the tree, but he had heard that once you touch a baby bird, the human scent will scare the mother away. After doing some research, he found this was totally false.

Now watch what happens next in the video below.