White peacock shows off its tails


I think it goes without saying that we love animals. We love them so much that we are constantly on the lookout for them. We are always looking up new information about animals, knowledge is power, and devour anything we can about any and all animals.

Then there are the animal videos. Oh my gosh, we watch tons of animal videos and as often as we can. There is just something about animal videos that we just genuinely enjoy. I guess you can say they are our guilty pleasure but something about them just genuinely makes us happy while watching them and we are always in a better mood after we’ve watched them.

Because of our love of animals there is one place that we are always really excited to go too, the zoo! We just love the zoo. There are so many different animals there and we get to see them all. One animal that we are always excited to see are the peacocks. Many zoos don’t even have these beautiful birds in an exhibit but rather let them wander the grounds on their own. Well this video is about a peacock that we bet you haven’t seen before.

This peacock is extra special because of its coloring, or lack thereof. This peacock is completely white. There is no pigment in its feathers, the long beautiful feathers are all white and so incredibly gorgeous that you will just have to see it for yourself!

Watch this beautiful video below and let us know what you thought of it. As always please feel free to share this video on your social media with your family and friends.