Cat has found a new best friend in a Bunny


Love can be found in the weirdest of places. We all know that cats and bunnies are not and have not exactly been the best of friends; cats mostly chase bunnies around but this is not the case with Smudge and Missy, Smudge (the cat) draws Missy (the bunny) closer with his paws, cuddles her and is very gentle with her.

He plays with Missy, grooms her and initially, Missy plays hard to get but she eventually gives in and sidles up to Smudge to be groomed, she enjoys it so much. Normally, Smudge is rough and very playful- he even bites Tara (his owner) when they play but he is usually very careful and tones it down when he is around Missy, their friendship is so cute!

Smudge is a lover and is very protective when it comes to Missy, they nap together, snuggle together on the bed and even though they don’t get to see on a regular basis- because Smudge stays at home with Tara’s family and Missy stays with her in college, they pick up right from where they stopped.

In fact, because Missy usually stays in the guest room when she’s around, Smudge is usually found looking in the guest room for Missy when she’s not around. It is obvious that he misses her while she’s away. They’re definitely an odd couple but they look so adorably cute together and evidently love each other!

Check out the video: