Cat Has Strange Knobbly Knees – Sphynx cat sitting on top of the fridge


Sphynx is a cat of medium size, weighing 3 to 6 pounds. These Pets adore the attention of the owner and family members, so they love to follow their loved ones. Sphynx require attention, so they will do everything to get the owner to communicate. This craving for human interaction has been the reason for the use of cats of this breed in therapy. If the Sphinx is not enough attention, he will do everything to correct the situation.

Unfortunately, most often it will be expressed in bad behavior. These Pets love a variety of puzzle games and toys. Thus, the sphinxes belong to the group of very social cats. The sphinxes are also not averse to them stroked and caressed, they would be happy to sleep in the same bed with the owner.

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