Jealous Cat Envious Of The Attention The New Bunny Is Getting From Owner


Sometimes new additions to the family don’t always mesh! This grumpy cat is not very happy with the new pet edition and is worried that mom might love the new sibling more! The feline is obviously green with envy and is pouting on the couch while mom plays with someone else’s fur! Check it out!

These people have just brought home a new bunny rabbit, but Meeko the cat isn’t very happy about it. It is obvious that this cat is jealous of the little bunny and he does not want to share his mommy with him. Just watch how he pounds while mom pets bunny’s fur. At first Meeko tries to ignore the intruder, but moments later, we see him approach a little closer to the critter, reaching out his paw to touch the bunny. This is when mom realizes that somebody’s jealous, and tries to split the attention between the bunny and the cat.

However, when she tries to pet Meeko’s head, the jealous cat retreats and doesn’t allow to be touched, in a sign of protest, because he is obviously heartbroken that she now has to share his owner with some stupid ball of fur! Disgusting!

Imagine loosing all that affection and love over a little bunny that has become part of your family! All that love and attention was meant for you and now he steals it. Only if the cat could talk with the bunny, she would have told him everything right into his face, and tell him to back off! Meeko is obviously green with envy and it shows all over his face!

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