Jealous Cat Envious Of The Attention The New Bunny Is Getting From Owner


Somehow mommy is trying to maintain the balance between her two “children”, but at the end the feline can’t help but retreat and push her mom’s hand away, staring at the bunny with disgust. Sadly, but this feline seems like he cannot accept the fact that he has a little sibling that also needs mommy’s love and affection while growing up. This feline is not too happy about its owner dividing his attention between them. What a priceless reaction!

Pets are amazing creatures that cannot help but to brighten up our lives. However, they can be a lot of hard work to raise but those challenges are heavily outweighed by the love and amazing memories that they bring into our lives. It seems that one such memory was created here with this adorable group of pets!

Cats and bunnies are not usually friends in the wild, but here we have a totally different situation. Just watch this cat’s best friends, the bunnies, waiting in a queue for him to groom them. Sometimes a relaxing massage is all you need after a long day! It seems that this group of bunnies have the life we all want, a day full of relaxation!

This is really one adorable video. Who knew that cats and bunnies could be such great friends like this? What we do know is that this makes for one entertaining and adorable video. No wonder pet videos dominated the internet!

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