Mama cat heard motherless puppy crying for help


Sharon Harvey from the animal Foundation in Cleveland, said the cat, Orlen adopted puppy knowland in his “unusual family”. The puppy was left at the animal shelter last week when he was a day old. Orlen already have four kittens – Rivett, Espa, Zixi and Talida – but she did not see any problems to take another, according to the source WEWS. Together they spend about nine hours together. “Lillen loves him.

It’s so delicious,” Harvey said. The vets decided to place knowland, along with the rest of the kittens, because bottle feeding doesn’t always work. He gets extra milk from the bottle as he’s a little more than his “brothers and sisters.” The puppy will grow faster so it may have to come up with some other way of feeding until Nolan is ready for a new family.

Currently, veterinarians do not want to give it to the people. “Noland will be with us for a long time. We need to make sure he’s all right. We need to focus on giving him proper care right now,” Harvey said. Matter how a cat named Larnet (from the animal shelter Cleveland) feeding their babies, did not immediately understand that among the tiny kittens wormed puppy Pitbull…

“Puppy came into the shelter a few days ago. He is only a week old and he needs a mother’s love. That’s why we decided to try to put it to Larnet, who recently had kittens. Surprisingly, everything went very smoothly, and the cat took the puppy into the family”, — says the employee of the shelter Sharon Harvey.