An offer you can’t refuse: a company employed gangster cats for their commercial


As we all know, cats rule the internet. So any sensible company that wants to create a good, memorable commercial would have to be nuts not make cats part of its advertising strategy. In the video posted below, you’ll see how one company did a great job tapping into our feline friends’ endless supply of cuteness and comedy.
The Thailand-based company Cotto got its start in the tile making business back in 1979. Since then, it’s expanded its offerings and now produces everything for the bathroom: fixtures, faucets, furniture, shelving, and much more. Cotto has also branched out into slabs, wall coverings, and counter tops. The company has a team of talented designers who are determined to make all their products look good. It isn’t really so surprising that such a design-oriented company would create a hilarious commercial featuring a gang of cats!

The commercial begins with a gang of six cats having a meeting in the living room. The leader, who’s larger and fatter than the others, is addressing them. “How did we let it get to this?” There’s a flashback to an incident a couple of weeks earlier: their human mom was tracking them down one by one so she could give them each a bath. Needless to say, it’s not something any of the cats were looking forward to. They all hid in a vase but then their leader’s flatulence sent them scrambling out in a hurry. Mom quipped, “How lucky, the vase didn’t break.” Then, holding the gang leader, “Time for a bath, your highness.”

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