Story of a kitten called Honey and her love to her daddy


All pets love their owners. And they try to show it as much as they can. In most cases with numerous hugs and cuddles. This adorable kitty has a very sweet name — Honey.

Honey also loves her owner very much. She is so cute and tiny, that can sit on his shoulder and purr near of his ear. But what she does next just so adorable and cute.
I think that her owner is happy and satisfied to have such a friend. He really enjoys spending the time with her. Just look at them, they are so aswesome together.

This is a story of a kitten called Honey and her love for her daddy, which is immeasurable and completely unconditional!
When you see what she does to her daddy when he kisses her, your heart will melt out of the rib cage!

No I’m not kidding you seriously, what you’re about to see is just too cute to put in words and honestly I’ve never seen a kitten do this before, you know!

So this tiny kitten is peacefully sitting on her daddy’s shoulder and suddenly her daddy plants a kiss on her tiny one’s head and the response is almost immediate!
She starts kissing her daddy’s neck! I’m not kidding you it’s like the cutest thing you’re going to see today!

This has moved me so much I think I’m going to adopt a kitten too! It’s just too beautiful for words! Take a look at this video below!