The cat adopted the squirrels and did not allow them to die. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!


The case when the name determines the fate of this three-year-old cat took care of two orphaned squirrels and an incredible coincidence, her name is — Protein. Seeing them at the bus stop, Poltava residents rushed to call the police with the words: unknown animals were found. Arrived at the scene identified the pet squirrels.

Day take care of them the company commander of the Patrol police of Poltava, but the squirrels, as it turned out, two weeks old and they need their mother’s milk. The commander was replaced by the domestic cat from a private zoo, where the police brought the young. “Two such active merry guys. And just recently we had a cat just had kittens and I decided to try squirrels to plant the cat. The cat was a good mother and took the children to her. Now she’s our mother heroine.”

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