After Three Days Of Desperately Calling Out, This Lioness Is Finally Reunited With Her Pride


There are few things that can make us feel more sad than to see our beloved pets crying over someone or something that they miss. We see their eyes take on a certain sense of longing and they adopt a whine that is clearly a cry of sorrow and confusion. They want help from us because they don’t understand or know what is going on.

Now imagine that same sadness but being expressed by one of the giant and elegant lionesses in the planes of Africa. These beautiful creatures that so often strike fear into the hearts of everyone who sees them suddenly take on a much more personal and sensitive tone.

In this video, a lioness has been separated from her pride. She begins to cry out for them to find her, and after three days, her fellow lions are seen walking back toward where she is. This moment of being reunited is one of the most touching moments you will ever see between a pride of lions.

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