Tiger cub playing with a dog. What an unlikely pair of animals!


For a walk Sherkhan goes with his bosom friend dog tobacco. A dog does not afraid of a little predator. On the contrary, boldly fills up striped on the ground and wins it in several rounds. Sher Khan – son of the famous Amur tiger, and his bride Ussuri. After the birth the mother abandoned her baby.

It was necessary to bring up the predator at home. Since childhood in Sher Khan played by the father’s genes. That, as you know, was friends with the goat and Timur, and the son got along well with a ferret, rocky. However, this friendship did not last long, the tiger grew up, and moved to live in a Safari Park. But here he was not alone, food and warm aviary Sherkhan divides with tobacco. Sherkhan as a child to new things very interested.

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