Unique kitty loves playing in the shower


Play with Maine Coon only need specially adapted toys, “teasing”, mice, balls, etc., which are made of safe pet material and can visually associate a cat’s “prey”. Toys should be tangible for Maine Coon, i.e. he should be able to catch them at a certain point in the game and enjoy his victory.

In this terms of shadow, reflection in the mirror, Sunny Bunny or laser pointer (which is an additional danger to the Maine Coon in case of contact with eyes)-this is not the best way to entertain your pet, because it will not be able to satisfy the hunting instincts of the cat and turn the game into a joyful and pleasant event, but rather bring him disappointment. During the game, be sure to give Maine Coon the opportunity to catch their prey several times to support and stimulate interest in the game.

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