Baby kisses sleeping Pit Bull


Pit bull’s are one of the most misunderstood dog breeds; having picked up a bad reputation of being dangerous, mean, and vicious.

Pit Bulls get a bad rap as people often think of the breed as naturally vicious and aggressive; which unfortunately leads Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes to being euthanized in shelters rather than adopted.

Because of this uninformed and uneducated attitude towards a breed – that is actually very obedient, loving and good-natured – many Pit Bulls are never given the chance to experience the love of a forever home.

But when we strip aside these stereotypes and see Pit Bulls as individuals – just like any other dog breed – we can see them as great pets.

In this video, a sleeping Pit Bull is awoken by his human BFF. Many people are wary of such an interaction, thinking that the dog might react aggressively and harm the child.

Of course, the people filming this video are quite familiar with their dog and how he interacts with their baby, and are clearly closely monitoring the situation, however, it is important to note that not all dogs will have such a loving response to being woken up, regardless of the breed.

All families with dogs, should make it a point to train their pup to be around children and babies to ensure that all interactions are as sweet as this one. Remember, like humans, dogs are individuals and we could all stand to treat them as such.

If you’ve ever loved a pit bull, or owned one, you know they are caring and beautiful dogs; and are great with kids — as long as they’re raised in a loving home.

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