Big dog guards a screaming child, then grandma looks at his paws and sees the incredible truth…


Dogs are not for nothing called the best friends of man. And if not every friend is willing to sacrifice his life for you, the faithful dog will do it without hesitation. A family from Florida has got a German shepherd named house only two months ago, but when seven-year-old daughter of the family was in danger, the dog immediately rushed to her aid. On Wednesday, Molly and I were playing outside, and suddenly the courtyard crawled a rattlesnake.

Noticing this, the house with all haste rushed to rescue the girl and stood between her and the poisonous reptiles. Risking own lives, it is a watchdog endured repeated bites of the snake and refused to retreat. Naturally, after that, the Savior himself needed help, but there were hundreds of caring people who donated funds for the antidote and the subsequent rehabilitation of house.

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