Cat Asking For Help Is Rescued But Watch What The Dogs Did Next


This cat spent a long time on the street, and now enjoys a loving family. In the eyes of a cat hidden secret, they are like two gems, so shiny, such lovely and a little scary. Everyone always wondered how they see through their thin slits of pupil. Do they see in color? All, of course, we do not know, but some of the secrets have already solved. In principle, there are no special differences.

Like us, it’s binocular. Our cats also see the world in 3D, in the sense of three dimensional measurement, perfectly estimate the distance to the object and its shape. But there is a small nuance: the cat clearly sees if the object moves. They can’t see if someone is more than six meters from it, and under the nose, there’s help sense of smell, hearing and that is not unimportant – mustache.

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