Dog Refuses To Leave A Comfy Car


You have a family has the car that you drive not only to work but to rest on nature. And naturally, you have a desire to take your four-legged friend with you on the road. But how will he behave during the trip?

Many masters know their dogs, know their behavior, so with little gun-shy belong to such the idea of. Can only envy those owners whose dogs respond adequately to the trip, sitting in the back seat of the car, they are calm in time the entire trip, not causing any unnecessary trouble nor its owner, nor the rest of the people sitting in the car.

Some dogs behave as if they were stung by a bee – a storm of emotions and genuine delight, captures them: they jump around the cabin, barking continuously, everywhere shove their nose, preventing the driver and everyone who is in the cabin.

From such unrestrained behavior goes round the head and there is a wish to arrive quickly and to leave the car. There is and another behavior dogs. The animal is afraid of the car, it scared him so to get him in the car is almost impossible. But if you still will be able to cope with a dog, seated her in the car at the time of the visit, she acts like they cut her: she howls, barks, trying to break free. This dog is literally torn in hysterics.