Dog wakes up after being Euthanized, gets second chance


This story is unlike anything you’ve heard so far.
The staff from an Oklahoma shelter had to do something regarding the huge number of residents of the place. Of course, the first thing to do in order to to make it less crowded is doing their best to find each dog a new place to stay. Unfortunately, providing sick pups with a forever home is not an easy task, so no matter how bad they felt, the only solution they could come up with was to euthanize the ones whose health condition was most severe.

A Lab-American Pitbull mix was the first pup to be euthanized that day. But, that’s when God intervened and gave this little cutie a second chance for life.
The vet gave him some meds that were supposed to end his life, but to everyone’s surprise, they didn’t work on him.

The story of the dog that defied the odds quickly reached to Kings Harvest Pet Rescue No Kill Shelter who were more than happy to welcome the brave survivor in.

“He’s a miracle dog, absolutely,” Kylie Jo Mitchell, a staff member at Kings Harvest Pet Rescue No Kill Shelter, told WQAD-TV, “I’ve never heard of anything like this ever, this is a first.”

It was quite unbelievable how this dog that was not that healthy managed to survive the otherwise powerful effects of the euthanasia meds. Animal lovers from all over the country believe it’s just a sign that no life should be put to an end.

“He was euthanized and when they returned to that room they came back and Rudolph was alive,” Mitchell says.

Rudolph’s life story was shared on Facebook.

“He was at a shelter that was full so the vet euthanized him. But God had a different plan because he woke up. And thank goodness the vet said he wouldn’t do it again. So we brought him to our shelter in hopes somebody would come adopt him and give him a second chance at life. If you’re interested in this adorable young man stop by and meet him…” the shelter posted.

Now everyone wanted the pup. From someone who was supposed to die, Rudolph became people’s favorite dog. Many were interested to make him their pet. Among all those people there was one man named Jacob Hommer who believed Rudolph was the right dog for his veteran friend. Could Rudolph become a service dog? Maybe, because if this dog cheated death, he could do anything he put his mind to.

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