Ex-Felon Ruthlessly Ties Tiny Dog With Wires And Makes Him Gravely Injured


While taking the trash out at her home in Santa Ana, California, a woman saw a man kicking a tiny Chihuahua continuously. Horrified, she asked him to stop, but he didn’t look like he wanted to. So, she immediately informed the police.

The dog had already been severely injured from the beating by the time the police came. The man had tied electric wires and a bungee cord was tightened around his throat. The man, 28-year-old Jose Manuel Pantoja was standing over the dog and was caught red-handed.

The Chihuahua was taken to the hospital and the man was taken right into custody. The dog was revealed to have several injuries, including a broken pelvis, at the hospital. The dog’s mom, Stephany Chavez was tracked down and she came running for him. She informed that his name was Max, and he was 10-years-old. He had gone missing for a few days.

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