He Finds The Family Cat In His Bed


Some cats are very fickle and insolent! Also, they are famous for being selfish and not giving a damn about anything or anyone other then themselves. There really is no such thing as a ‘cat owner’, only a ‘cat owned’.

Yes, they are cute! And yes they can get under your skin, but they can’t be loyal and selfless like dogs, it is just not in their nature.

In this hilarious video, a cat has commandeered a cute little pug’s bed. The small pup is desperately trying to reclaim his sack, but he is unsuccessful.

The feline overlord really doesn’t care that the puppy wants to sleep! There is not a single reaction from her, she just calmly and coldheartedly stares at the pup struggling! Probably wondering, “Why does he still think that this is his when I have decided that it isn’t anymore. I don’t get it! Doesn’t he know that I am God?”

It is insanely cute! You have to check it out!