He hears his owner sing in the shower. Watch what this dog does next! Whoa did you see that coming?!


I’m sure you’ve sung in the shower more than once! For some reason this place awakens all the talent in singing, even if he is not, and voices. It’s mystic! It turns out, this is happening not only with humans, but and with animals. Just take a look at this puppy shepherd! This cutie was waiting in the bathroom until his master came out of the shower and could not help but pay attention to his singing in the shower.

This provoked the dog to sing along. Shepherd began to howl in a duet with the host. Does your dog sing along to you too? Tell us about it in the comments! How amazing that is. Very often the true singers many of us are in the shower. Somehow, in this place broad, our soul needs music, and the voice of freedom. But the truth is, some people are just better to sing only in the shower, as not everyone has a voice, sound and talent of execution.

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