Homeless dog has never had a bath in her entire life


So many dogs are forced to live horrible lives on the street. Which is why I’m always so happy to read stories about people who save these poor animals and offer them plenty of food, warmth, and love. One such story is about street dog Blossom. Her life was one big nightmare and she lived alone on the porch of an abandoned house.

WOOF Pet Rescue of Woodward, Oklahoma got wind of the dog’s plight and immediately took action! The problem was that Blossom was afraid of people and she wouldn’t let anyone go near her. The reason for this was unknown to the people from the rescue group so they assumed it could have been abused in the past.

After offering food and water, they somehow managed to gain her trust and that’s when they took her in. Blossom’s skin was in a very bad condition because she had never taken a bath in her life. The people from WOOF knew they had to clean and bath her before they gave her other treatments. After having her first bath and the medications Blossom started to blossom.

Thanks to the people from WOOF, Blossom learned what it means to be loved and surrounded by people who care. Her life is so much fun now. She enjoys rolling in the dirt and taking long walks, but most important of all, she now knows how to smile.
How nice that there are people out there who always care about animal welfare – please share if you agree.

Источник: nice-pet.net