Incredible service dog protects his helpless owner during epileptic seizures


It’s no secret that dogs have helped people all throughout history and we have all heard about service dogs.

They are the dogs which assist someone with a disability. Though, when people think of service dogs, most of them think of Seeing Eye dogs for the blind. Such dogs are called guide dogs. They are the most common types of service.

But human’s best friend may be trained to do a lot much more. Some dogs are trained to provide medical alerts if someone is having an attack or seizure. Dogs can smell the chemical change in human’s body that alerts them of seizures. Furthermore, it’s built in to dogs to know when something bad is about to happen, it’s a survival instinct.
In a recent story, one service dog named Colt has made a huge impact on his owner’s life.
Janaye Kearns lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

She lived a very adventurous life full of jet-skiing, rock climbing, and other activities. Unfortunately, many of those activities became more difficult after she suffered a traumatic brain injury. Because she started becoming prone to seizures, she was assigned to work with Colt as a way to keep her safe. Colt is determined to keep Janaye safe at all times—even during a seizure.

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