Man Rescues Senior Dog To Honor Late Dog, Then Adopts The Whole Pack


“Enoch is an Irish wolfhound and I’ve had him since he was a puppy before I started rescuing senior dogs and before I had come to completely face the horrible reality of shelter dogs…If you have your mind set on a particular breed there are rescue groups for almost every breed that exists. But please don’t close your mind to just one type of dog.”

With their cuteness and charm, the gang has earned quite a large following in Instagram! They almost have over 770,000 fans and it looks the number is only growing!

Not only does Grieg make everyone laugh with his funny commentaries on the pack’s shenanigans, he also uses the giant platform he’s been given to spread awareness about senior dog adoption and advocate for animal protection. His own T-shirt line shares its benefits with a non-profit organization specializing in rehoming pups called Susie’s Senior Dogs.

Now, isn’t that just the most beautiful thing ever?