Man walking dog suddenly stops to brutalize her, unaware he is being recorded


A woman named Misha Javed posted a terrifying footage of a man severely punching his dog. The gruesome incident took place in Oldham, Great Manchester, UK. The cruel owner was first spotted walking the dog on a leash, after he forcefully dragged her behind a van and hit her multiple times. He then threw her on the ground, believing no one witnessed his barbaric act.

Daily Mail reported that the dog’s name was Narla, and the original Facebook post showing her ordeal was seen more than 2.5 million times.
“So earlier this afternoon this disgusting man assaulted his dog! I can’t believe how anyone can even do something like that to their own dog!!” wrote. “I don’t even want to imagine what he would do to the dog indoors. It knocks me sick even thinking about it and I’m hoping the dog is still OK. Please can everyone who lives in Oldham share this post around so we can find out who the actual owner is as he needs to be punished for this cruel act and have his dog taken away from him.”

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