Pack of stray dogs approach teens and beg them to help save their friend


What is that you are willing to do for the sake of your friends’ safety? A group of stray dogs did everything they could in order to help a member of their pack, but to no avail. What they did next was sort of amazing.

Some kids were goofing around the abandoned park when they saw the dogs coming their way. It was obvious the canines were disturbed because of something and they were desperately trying to make the teenagers follow after them.
Luckily, the boys realized something serious was going on and the dogs were just trying to alert them and after hesitating a bit they headed after the worried creatures.

Soon after, the teens realized how one of the dogs’ friends found itself in trouble. The poor dog fell into one of the pools that was full of water because of the heavy rainfall that struck the city the previous day. The dog was desperately trying to get out but didn’t have any strength left.

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