Pitbull chained in snow cries for help


Pit bulls have a bad reputation and are sometimes mistakenly identified as “fight dogs.”
Many people believe that the breed is the most violent and aggressive one out there.
But the truth is pit bulls aren’t naturally aggressive—they only become aggressive when their owners mistreat them.

It breaks my heart to see pit bulls so misunderstood even though they face more than their share of neglect and abuse. But perhaps the most painful thing is that when pit bulls end up in shelters, they’re often the last dogs to be adopted.
Fortunately, though, the tide is turning, thanks to dogs like Kiah, and the wonderful man who adopted her.
Her unbelievable story is one you’ll defintely want to share.
When Kiah was found, she was chained outside in the icy cold. But a police officer rescued her, and soon, she got much more than a second chance in life.

Not only is Kiah the first pit bull to work as a police dog in New York State, she also passed her training with the highest marks.
Everyone, including her owner, Justin, was impressed.

“All pit bulls are not nasty and aggressive, Kiah is a perfect example of that. She loves everyone, is friendly and although she came from the terrible ills she showed in the end she has a heart of gold,” said her handler, Justin Bruzgul.

The members of her community feel safe with Kiah on the job. And now, Kiah is convincing the public that pit bulls are harmless and can help the community just like any other police dogs.

Currently, Kiah and Justin are focusing not only on crime prevention, but also on combating the prejudices that surround Kiah’s breed.
We wish them all the luck in the future!