Shelter Dog Makes His Bed Everyday Hoping Someone Will Adopt Him Too


When he was first taken in by the shelter at SICSA Pet Adoption Center, Rush was afraid and miserable. Being a homeless stray had made him paranoid. It was only with the help of the shelter staff and their constant love, care and treats that he began to heal.

After a few weeks, it seemed to Rush that he could actually find himself a forever home through the shelter. But it seems like he took good behaviour a bit too far. When a few of the shelter workers caught him making his own bed, they were surprised and awed.

When this started a suspicion among the group, they started paying special attention to the dog. Needless to say, Rush would wake up and then make his bed each day. It seemed like he was trying to grab the attention of the adopters who would pass by his kennels! He would sit up on his made-up bed and stare at his possible future family with a yearning look.

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