The Amazing Rescue Story of a 1-day-old Abandoned Puppy Found On A Sidewalk


A newborn puppy was found on the side of the road by some kind-hearted people who didn’t think twice before taking it off the streets. They assumed it was only a day old and knowing that baby dogs are blind, toothless, and unable to maintain their own body temperature at birth, this encounter saved its life.

The puppy was named Joy and his struggle to survive had just started. Without mother’s warmth and love it was really hard to take care of such a fragile creature, but the volunteers of the rescue organization Howl Of A Dog were determined to do their best and nurture it until it became independent.

They would bottle feed him and provide him with love and devotion, and eventually, Joy was old enough to be given for adoption. His story was heard of by a lovely family from the Netherlands who were eager to welcome him in their home.

Take a look at the whole story in the video below. It is so heartwarming that it will bring tears in your eyes.