Tiny dog found living in chicken coop turns out to be funny, confident dog


If you’ve ever heard of the unusual friendship between Bea the giraffe and Wilma the Ostrich, then you won’t find it hard to believe that one tiny and underweight dog found his shelter at a chicken coop and befriended its residents.
This may sound like a sweet story, but the reality is that the dog’s health condition was extremely poor. His body was all covered in a matted fur and he suffered from severe mange and leishmaniasis, a disease caused by parasites which can be fatal if not treated timely and properly.
Neglected to the extent of becoming almost completely blind, Feather was lucky enough to be spotted by the volunteers of Save a Greek Stray rescue organization.

The Orphan Pet wrote:
“Nobody knows how he ended up living in a chicken coop, but that’s where he was found. Living among the chickens, covered in feathers (that’s why he was named Feather), full of fleas and ticks, with what had remained of his hair forming dirty dreads.”

“Feather suffered from leishmaniasis, and since he hadn’t received treatment in time, he was almost blinded by the disease. However, he made a full recovery, and he even gained back his sight.”

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