Tiny Yorkie puppy attempts to show barking skills. The result is adorable!


In modern times, Terriers are widely used for hunting, as a utility and decorative rocks. Mostly for Terriers, is characteristic of thick and coarse hair, tight, with well-developed undercoat. This coat protects the dog from the damp and cold, it does not clump, it does not stick either snow or dirt, it does not require special care and can be easily cleaned of earth and dust. Breed of Terriers having a rough coat, almost do not fade on their own.

To help the pet get rid of dead old wool it is necessary to trim the dog at least two or three times a year – to pluck the old hair. This procedure has primarily hygienic importance for animals: if the old coat is not plucked, the dog may appear irritation on the skin, which will cause her inconvenience.

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