Diver Heroically Saves Shark From Horrible Death By Removing Fishing Net From His Mouth


Diver Inaki Aizpun was recently diving in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia, when he noticed a grey nurse shark with fishing net stuck in his mouth. Then, the diver did something only few would have the courage to do—he went straight to the shark and helped the shark.

The grey nurse shark nurse is the most endangered species in Australia.Inaki successfully captured the rescue on camera. According to him, the shark would have faced a terrible, slow death if they had not removed the net from his mouth.

In the video, the beautiful images of Byron Bay are first shown. Then, the divers go beneath the water where they find the struggling shark.

Inaki and his fellow divers then immediately decide to save the shark. In the video, Inaki is seen trying his best to get the net out of the shark’s mouth.

The shark, naturally, doesn’t easily let Inaki help him but Inaki remains dedicated. Finally, in the end, Inaki successfully manages to pull the net out of the shark’s mouth carefully.

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