Diver Heroically Saves Shark From Horrible Death By Removing Fishing Net From His Mouth


Then, he gives an “okay” sign to the camera, showing his victory.

Inaki said that the shark even thanked him by returning and making eye contact with him after that,

He said, “I was guiding a dive to some customers in Julian Rocks, Byron Bay when I saw a Grey Nurse Shark with a fishing net hanging out from its mouth. I tried to take it out of his mouth, and after a few tries, I was successful. It was a very dramatic and intense moment with a happy ending. Afterwards, the shark returned and made some eye contact with me as a way to say thanks.”

His heroic act has ever since gone viral on the internet, with several people responding and applauding him for his kindness and bravery.

One person tweeted, “Definitely a brave diver #MarineDebris driftnets killing turtles, dolphins whales sharks endless. Curious how many marine animals are trapped in shark nets?”

Someone else said, “Well done! Save our oceans from plastic pollution!! We need to send plastic eating and recycling robotics into the ocean gyres to clean up the plastic mess we’ve dumped into the oceans. If the oceans die, we all die!!”

Источник: theanimalspage.com