Old Goldfish could no Longer Swim


Einstein’s fish can’t swim, so her master made a life jacket for her. Fish-a full member of the family, says Leighton Naylor. Leighton Naylor, owner of a fish named Einstein, made for your pet’s life jacket after the fish has been sick, which has lost the ability to swim. During the illness, Einstein turned his stomach upside down and fell to the bottom of his aquarium.

It seemed that he was doomed to stay there for the rest of his days, but Naylor came up with how to help the fish: he used to create a life jacket waste tubes from droppers — so Einstein again gained the ability to swim in the aquarium and not to fall to the bottom.

Naylor says that at first Einstein was not happy with this idea, because he was constantly bumping into objects in the aquarium or stuck in them, so Naylor changed the “interior” of the aquarium, and since then with a small fish all right. Unfortunately, Einstein is not able to swim to the surface, which is why he can not get food out of there, and Naylor gives him food through the tube, which is lowered into the water.

According to Naylor, people call Him crazy, but he’s convinced that every animal is a valuable member of the family. He tried to train all his fish, but Einstein became the most capable student — he could swim through his fingers, and when he got sick, “got carried away” fish football”.