Scuba Diver Fighting Cancer Sees Smiling Pufferfish Swim Up To Her And Refuse To Leave Her Side


PT Hirschfield has found a way to bring light to each day by scuba diving.
According to Storyful, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer three years ago and has since been using scuba diving as a form of release.

She recently went for a dive in Rye Pier on Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay in Australia. Little did she know that she was about to meet a new friend just beneath the surface.
In the video below, posted on October 20, 2017, PT is swimming around in the beautiful scenery when she is greeted by a small pufferfish. The tiny animal’s smile is almost human-like!

The pufferfish spots the camera PT is using to film her surrounding and seems mesmerized by it all. The fish continues swimming near PT and refuses to leave the scuba diver’s side.

For about 10 minutes, the sweet pufferfish smiles for the camera and keeps the scuba diver company as she explores the ocean. They take countless selfies together and bask in the amazing moment.

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