A little girl and a horse share a friendship like no other


The love for animals is something people are either born with or learn it from their parents who believe these creatures should take special part in their children’s life and heart. This means accepting every living soul and providing them with love and kindness whenever possible.

It seems like this little girl knows the joy of treating a giant horse with a bunch of hugs all too well. Little Lilly Rae and her parents were taking a visit at a horse stable which turned into one of the sweetest encounters between an animal and a kid we’ve ever witnessed. It’s already a well known fact that children and animals are able to create special bond. The reason why might be because animals feel that children are sincere.
This gorgeous white horse is for sale and we won’t be surprised if Lilly Rae’s mother buys it for her. We are sure they will become even better friends that way.

As soon as she sees the horse, she isn’t afraid to get closer and gently pet him on the head. What she gets in return is even sweeter. The horse nuzzles her back as a thank you for the cute rubs on his nose. It’s amazing how Lilly Rae is so young but so full of fondness towards the horse. She then treats him with a bunch of kisses and it’s obvious the two are having so much fun. Lilly Rae enjoys every single second that she spends with her new pal.

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