A Baby Goat Skips Happily On A Hallway


They’re quickly becoming a new challenger for the role of best house pets to cats and dogs, and it’s not hard at all to see why. Goats are very domestic, adorable, and friendly animals that love playing and jumping around just like any puppy would.

Buckminster, the little goat friend in the video below, will convince you of goat’s amazing charm, and he might even make you want to adopt one yourself right now. I surely do, too! He’s so happy just to be alive and with his friends, that he constantly skips about and leaps with joy!

In this particular clip, posted just last year, the little baby is seen on a hallway, just passing time and walking by himself, when all of a sudden, a burst of happiness takes possession of this farm friend, and he starts skipping about full of pure joy.

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