Grandma Visited Tiny Baby Monkey After 1 Week


Monkeys are adorable creatures, aren’t they? The video below features a tiny baby monkey called Zoey. Zoey is a baby capuchin monkey who is here to steal your heart. Grandma had been away for a whole week, and when this little girl saw her after such a long time, she just couldn’t hide her excitement. Wait till you see what she did!

Many people advise against keeping monkeys as pets, but some have gone ahead and adopted them nonetheless. This family is one of them. However, their monkey receives all the love in the world and it heartwarming to see her having some quality time with her humans. This video is going to melt you for sure!

It’s possible that Zoey is a rescue as sometimes this happens when monkeys are part of a circus or other institution that doesn’t treat them very well. This family takes excellent care of this little cutie, and grandma must love her very much, because she got a very enthusiastic welcome when she returned home after a week away.

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