Moose starts grooming her newborn


Two women from Eastside Anchorage, Alaska saw a mother moose in their yard. The mama was giving birth. When Victoria Hickey and Sarah Lochner knew what was happening right before their eyes, they quickly took their camera out. You are going to be in awe when you see what they managed to capture! I am completely out of words!

Victoria and Sarah managed to record the entire birth. Not many of us get the chance to view this in person, so they were indeed very lucky to witness the event. Fortunately, for us, they videotaped it to share with everyone.

At one point, mama moose turns around and starts grooming her newborn. We can even see the little baby take his first steps. But then we come to notice that the mama gave birth to not one, but two little babies! The first one stands up and gets moving pretty quickly after mom gives him a good cleaning.

At the end of the clip, we hear the homeowner explaining that he gave the mom an apple that morning and he could tell she looked a little frazzled. He wasn’t surprised that she came back to the yard to give birth because she’s done it every year for the last six years! Amazing! She must feel very safe there. What a sweet thing to be able to see and a great opportunity for this family.

Watch mama and her twins below! Have you ever seen live animal birth before? Let us know in the comments!