This Mother Zebra Gives Birth To Her Foal


The birth of a baby is a tremendously special occasion. We can all remember was it was like when we were expecting our first child and the excitement behind it.

There is nothing in the world like welcoming your first child. The birth is very special to the parents and being able to welcome a newborn life is always something that you will remember and cherish forever.

Well this group of tourists who were traveling through the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania were able to witness a truly remarkable moment when they stumbled upon a zebra.

The zebra appeared to be having trouble getting up and seemed to be struggling. It quickly became apparent why she was struggling, she was in the process of giving birth.

The group of tourists, who were a safe distance away, were able to witness the entire thing. From the moment the baby began to come out, to being completely out, to the baby’s first steps.

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