This Newborn Fawn Walks Right Up To A Little Girl. But Wait Till You See What The Little Girl Does Next! OMG!


When it comes to animals, we are more than slightly obsessed. We simply adore animals and we want to learn as much as we can about them. No fact is too small or uninteresting to us. There is just something about animals that captures our attention and we have yet to get bored by them.

There are so many things about animals that fascinate us but one thing that seems to make all of us go weak at the knees are babies. We love baby animals of all kinds. There is something so sweet and innocent about them that we just love and because of that love we go searching for animal videos to watch.

This featured video is one that will make your heart melt. In this video you will meet a little girl named Maya. Maya was in her front yard with her dad one day when a newborn fawn walked right up to her. Maya kneels down and gently pets the deer and the deer seems very interested in little Maya. The baby deer follows Maya everywhere she goes and so Maya leads her back to the forest that is alongside their house.

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