Newborn Foal Looks Ordinary


The Budweiser Clydesdales are probably the most recognized horse breeds across the globe. Did you know that they are raised in house by the company as part of a multi-million dollar program? This video will show how incredibly organized this system is and what goes in to picking out the perfect horse.

Jeff Knapper is the trainer and horse expert on staff that hand raises these phenomenal beasts. If you watch this video closely you will see that he is very much in love with these animals and that they return the emotion. He has a large staff of people that he oversees in order to care for these horses.

Only a male horse is allowed to become a Budweiser Clydesdale, and Bud will only choose ten each year. Check out the female foal in the video as she does her own thing to grab the spotlight away from the guys.

Budweiser won awards in 2013 in which Hope, the baby you’ll see, was a huge part of in the commercial entitled “Brotherhood.” These horses could grab camera time all day long and we hope that you enjoy this clip enough to want to leave a comment and of course share.

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