Terrified cow


Poor cow crying in anticipation of the massacre, tears flowing from fear of man! It’s a happy story about saving an animal that has almost come to terms with imminent death at the hands of a man. But the man trembled, seeing tears in the eyes of frightened, desperate cow, and gave her the will and sent him to live out his life on a special farm where animals provide adequate care and humane treatment.

Over time, the cow has found a new family and such a welcome, albeit somewhat limited, but still will. And who said that animals are soulless and suitable only to use them? If we talk about such an important factor as sanitation, it plays an important role in human life.

Therefore, sanitary hygiene should also be treated with full responsibility. First, the barn should always be clean, dry and cozy. Milk has the ability to rapidly absorb all the smells. Secondly, before milking udder very quickly well washed with warm water, disinfected with a weak iodine solution or an appropriate drug, wipe dry, while massaging. This massage has a beneficial effect on the reflex breast.

Disinfection procedure should be repeated after milking. Third: if you do not completely milk the cow, or give too hard, it develops mastitis. Milk from a sick cow will be milked serum and clots of milk.