The woman saved a dying deer’s life


Veterinarian Melanie Butera got a visit from an unexpected patient in the summer of 2004. Dillie was a blind fawn who was going through a horrible state; she was dying. Dillie wouldn’t have been able survive the night if she was left on her own, but thanks to Butera and her husband, she had an incredible recovery. This couple from Canal Fulton, Ohio adopted her into their family and raised her up as they would their own.

Dillie has now become an essential part of the Butera family. She is treated as a little kid. She loves snacking on lollipops, she plays games with her dad, and her parents has even provided her with her very own bedroom. Melanie herself has been battling stage 4 cancer, but she says that Dillie taught her that “every life is a gift”. She feels that she might have saved the Dillie’s life, but Dillie repaid her by saving hers.

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