Wild fox runs up to house cat, looks like he’s about to attack but then turns into unforgettable video


Many of us have seen sincere friendship considered enemies of cats and dogs. But that was a friend of Fox and a cat is incredible. This incredible friendship has been around for over a year. Buddies first spotted by local fishermen of the town Citoren, 25 km from the city of van. A couple of days spent on the shore of lake van. Their friendship can be very envy.

Locals often see how they treat each other with fish. After the joint eating of abandoned fishermen fish Vanska the cat and the Fox are starting to play together. The cat behavior is not always predictable, especially when it comes to interacting with other animals. Some cats, for example, just love to live with dogs, others, on the contrary, they are afraid. And some cats almost all the same, whether there is a dog in the house or not.

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